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J13000946591 1000000488301 ACTIVE BROWARD STATE OF FLORIDA DEPARTMENT OF REVENUE CORAL SPRINGS SERVICE CENTER 3301 N UNIVERSITY DR STE 200 CORAL SPRINGS FL330654149 3111 COMPANY LLC 1443 HOLLYWOOD BLVD HOLLYWOOD FL 330205237 US Document Number: L07000007353 FEIEIN Number: 680642763 05/22/2013 05/10/2013 05/22/2033 View
J13001356402 1000000523633 ACTIVE HILLSBOROU STATE OF FLORIDA DEPARTMENT OF REVENUE TAMPA SERVICE CENTER 6302 E DR MARTIN LUTHER KING JR BLVD S TAMPA FL336191166 3119 DEVELPMENT AND DESIGN LLC 3119 W BAY TO BAY BLVD TAMPA FL 336297211 US Document Number: L06000020864 FEIEIN Number: 204392670 09/05/2013 08/28/2013 09/05/2023 View